Chapter 2

Siege of Bordrin’s Watch

“Dwarves eat Orcs for breakfast, and without the milk!”

Coming out of the Portal and gathering their wits, the heroes head south from the Innarlith area towards Overlook. The mountains already visible in the background, they realize they must be cautious.

Once they are only a few miles outside of Overlook, the terrain becomes more hilly. As they reach the summit of another hill, off in the distance, they make out some bodies lying on the ground. As they cautiosly approach, they see the bodies of four dead Orcs, and up just a little farther, the body of a dwarf. As they check on the dwarf, it appears he is recognized as the dwarf previously freed from the slavers pen in the dungeons of Punjar. It appears Crox surprised a party of Orcs, and fought valiantly against insurmountable odds.

As the heroes gather up Crox’s body, they notice more footsteps heading further up the trail. They remount their steeds, and slowly head up the trail, keeping a close eye out for an Orc ambush. Continuing up another hill, Ursala becomes restless, and Torbera gets the group to stop. The smell of a campfire coming from the top of another hill. Satul sneaks up to investigate. Getting cover from the row a bushes, Satul spots the remaining orc party around the camp fire. A total of seven, two scouts and five drudges, Satul signals to rest of the party.

Getting the jump, they attack quickly, Torbera infuriated with getting revenge for the fallen Dwarf. After finishing off the Orcs, the heroes recover Crox’s Hammer and 10 gold pieces. After dousing the fire, they continue on their way to Overlook.

Making their way into Overlook, the heroes in need of rest from the journey, settle to relax in the Mountain’s Hearth, located just inside the east gates. In resting here, the heroes manage to gain insight into the town of Overlook from making small talk with the locals here.

The heroes, going by the name of “The Rugulators” for now, but jokingly amongst themselves, call their selves the “Begger Beaters” or “Dog Beaters”. They gain some interest in hearing about some of the other Adventurer groups. They learn about two of more famous adventuring groups in the Elsir Vale.

Without forewarning, the heroes are summoned to High Hall, to meet with the elders. Upon arriving, they learn that the heads of the militia, as well as other adventuring groups are in attendance. The learn of the seriousness of threat, and realize the town is in fear, for the first time in history. The militia is obviously given the great task of assisting in the defense of Bordrins Watch, the mainstay of defense of Overlook and the Elsir Vale. The Farstriders, are given the next most deadly mission, closing the Tunnels under the Mountains at the Nexus. “The Regulators” volunteer for a mission to notify the Clerics and Holy Warriors” of the Monastery of the Sundered Chain, as no other group would.

The monastery being located almost 20 miles from Overlook. required hazardous travel. Along their way, the heroes encountered 2 Griffons protecting “Thier Habitat”, which attacked ferociously. Killing one, and the other leaving before defeat, the heroes eventually find their way to the monastery, only to find it overrun.

Starting to realize the dire consequences of the this major invasion by the Orcs, the heroes start to take their mission to heart. Toberra’s intense feelings of seeing other Dwarves harmed by the nasty Orc, makes his blood boil. Between following the lead of Zhett, Torberra gets the group “engaged” as though this is personal.

Upon reaching the monastery, The heroes notice some Orcs in the courtyard of the Monastery. Still not sure of the extent og the invasion, the heroes are hesitant to engage the Orcs. Szorin is able to use a ritual to diminish one of the campfires, to allow the heroes an advantage to start their attack against the Orcs. After their surprise attack, the heroes make short work of their adversaries, and dispatch the Orcs.

Carefully making their way to the doors of the monastery, Satul notices pools of blood within the “Halls of Moradin” . Torbera’s blood boiling urges the group to enter at seize whatever is desecrating the sacred halls.

Upon entering, they notice a crazy witch doctor desecrating the altar. The Halls in great ruins, brings a rage never before seen in Torbera. As Torbera enter the monastery, he barks order to Satul and Kriv to take out the Bolt Throwers in the balconies, as he and Zhett lead the attack on the crazy witch as she continues to defile this once serene homage to Moradin.

As they continue their attack, from a secret door in the altar floor, more Orcs come out to assist the Witch and her cohorts. The Orc Sargent begins to control the attack, barking out orders to the remaining Orcs.

A long hard fought battle finds the heroes battered, but victorious. Taking a quick breather, they contemplate their next move, as realizing waiting much longer would only find themselves in the midst of even more reinforcements.

Taking a peek down the trap door used by the Orcs, the heroes quietly surprise the Orc invasion team as they ransack the living quarters of the Dwarf clerics. Blood and bodies all over, covering the grey stone tiles with the carnage that happened earlier.

Taking out the minions quickly, the heroes make short work of this battle.

As they reach the north end of the hall, The floor gives way to a massive cavern. A long staircase and a series of landings lead down to the cavern floor nearly 100 feet below. A group of orcs climbs the stairs.

As the heroes rush down to take on the Orcs, Szorin and Satul hang back and begin to get hit by arrows from Orc archers on the second landing. While Kriv, Zhett and Torbera reach the first landing, a Spiretop drake attacks, biting at Zhett and Kriv as it flys over and circles.

More Orcs are coming up from further down. led by an Orog. As he continues to bark orders at his troops, “kill ‘em all!”

Satul and Szorin decide it’s best head down and start thier way down, trying to avoid the attack of arrows. Killing off the drake and front Orc, Zhett, Kriv and Torbera rush to stop the arrow attack and meet up with the remaining Orcs. With an almost magical hit, Satul slings an attack at OG, and catching him perfectly, manages to knock him off the platform.

As he attempts to run back to the next ledge, the remaining Orcs are confused and easily defeated. As Og climbs back up, the advancing heroes manage to finish him off. Knowing they can’t rest now, they reach the cavern bottom, and head for an opening on the western wall.

Entering the cavern cautiously, a fearsome blaze rages on one side of this natural cavern, making silhouettes of the orcs gathered here. They seem intent on something on the opposite side of the room, where they hear grunts and shouts above the roar of the flame.

The orcs are distracted by Og, a large Orog, and his prisoner, a dwarf badly injured and beaten down and so they aren’t paying attention when theheroes arrive, which allows the heroes to take advantage of surprise. Once the combat begins, the orcs turn, almost as one, loose angry shouts, and throw themselves recklessly at the intruders. Og drops the dwarve Kalad to the floor, draws his bastard sword and wades into the battle. He’s so irate, he looks as he’d kill his own men as well as the intruders.

Szorin takes a major barrage as the Orc fighters attempt to cut him off from the group and kill him. Kriv and Zhett move to take on the Orog and Beserkers, leaving Torbera and Satul to help Szorin with the Orcs.

Kaled, the dwarf beaten down, staggers to his feet and starts to assist the heroes. The Orc leader, known as an “Eye of Gruumsh” begins barking orders as a while throwing lunging with his spear, and healing the Orcs as needed.

A long tedious battle, finds the heroes exhausted and nearly beaten when Szorin finally escaping from Orcs, stealing some health from Satul, manages to draw from deep within and using some cursed spell with his rod, he manages to severely hurt Og.

The heroes seize the moment and charge Og and finish him off, followed by the Orc leader.

Kalad is tall for a dwarf, thickly muscled, but his beard was savagely cut from his face and his injuries are extensive. He is in dire need of a rest, but begins to tell the heroes the details of the massacre.

“The Chamber of Works served two purposes. First, it connected to the deeper tunnels through a long, downward-sloping passage, and second, it housed the forges and workshops used by the priests to honor their god.

The Orcs discovered this passage in their searching beneath the mountain and came up through this room, slaughtering the dwarves as they raced into the complex to finish off the defenders. Their haste to overrun the temple above caused them to miss Kalad, a devout dwarf paladin. While the Orcs fought his kin upstairs, I pulled the lever and collapsed the tunnel, thus cutting off the route for more Orcs to breach the mountain. When Og, the orog hero, returned and found the tunnel caved-in, he was enraged. I spent the last few hours fighting off Og, to the brink of my death. With Moradin’s graces, you arrived just in time!”

Somehow the tunnels have been compromised, as the attack came from the tunnels. I do not believe the Orcs are smart enough to figure out the Tunnel system”

Taking a moment to rest, Kaled continues with a renewed passion. ” Kalad mentions the tunnels beneath Bordrin’s watch, are already sealed, for he closed them a few days ago after the news of the approaching army grew dire.”

We must go to the tunnels to make certain “The Farstriders” completed their mission.

“There’s too much at stake, friends!” He adds, “it’s a labyrinth down there, easy to get turned around. Would you risk the lives of everyone in that valley on the efforts of just one group?”

Reaching the vents with Kaled’s assistance, they slowly take in view. Scattered across the lower slopes are numerous steaming fissures, some as small as tiny cracks in the stone with others large enough to accommodate an ogre. The rocks ere are slippery and aside from ropes of brown-black fungus, moss, and lichen, nothing lives here. The air stinks of sulfur and grows stronger nearest the plumes of acrid smoke wafting up from the holes.

About a hundred feet down from the lowest cracks is campsite. There, you see five horses tied up and empty feedbags hanging from their heads. A smothered campfire sits a few yards away from the horses.

Kaled leads the way into the vents, stopping for a few moments occasionally as if to recollect his thoughts. Finally getting to large opening, they see Four orcs engaged in a heated argument, one pointing back into the corridor behind them. The biggest of the lot points in your direction, growling deep in his chest.

Getting the surprise jump on the orcs, Kaled and Torbera let their instincts take over, not heading the plans Zhett begins to lay out. Two of the orcs keep their distance while they throw cinder bombs at the heroes. Taking some damage the heroes put the orcs down, and Satul grabs the remaining cinder bombs.

Leading the way forward, Kaled mentions, “Its been a while since I’ve been down this way, this is looking a might but different!” A wide corridor stretches before them and ends at a pair of double doors. About halfway down, they see what Kaled is talking about, a strange creature that resembles a crossbow with legs, flanked by two iron dogs.

Satul finds the pressure plates located near the bottom of the stairs, and warns the heroes to avoid the plates. Not realizing the homunculus are magically set to attack any creature not a dwarf or homunculus, they fight their way past.

The doors open a platform overlooking an enormous chamber. A group of orcs turns to face you, growling with rage and drooling with anticipation for the kill. Behind and below the orcs lies a sunken section of the chamber, where you see iron tubes as tall as a man running across the room. On the north side of the pit, you spot several large beetles, their mottled hides glowing red as if aflame.

Torbera spots a short humanoid wearing a long black cloak examining an iron wheel connected to the southern pipe. The heroes all see sprawled across the floor, the beheaded remains of Jen, the half-elf warlock and member of the Farstriders.

The Orcs come charging and the fight is on, while the Orc scouts begin their assault with teir long bows.  The dark one, more cautious in his attack.  the fight rages on, as the  heroes wearily finish off the intruders.  Finding clutched in the dead female warlock, a stone, determined to be a sending stone.  A strange looking brass key is found near the dark one was slain.

Kaled mentions some concern as to why a dark one from the Shadowfell would be among the Orcs?

Cautiously moving forward, the enter a great hallway. Kaled remembers the Shrine to Moradin to the right, and general quarters to the left, with the Nexus directly in front. Cautiosly moving forward, sounds coming from the shrine grab Kaled’s attention and says we must investigate.

Eight orcs and one big, hulking brute befoul this sacred chamber by their mere presence. The orcs, a mix of hideous humanoids, shout warnings when they see you, causing the cave troll to turn, which reveals the blood and gore painting its chest. The troll has been eating the emaining members of the Farstriders. Bits of flesh, bone, and gear litter the floor here.

The orcs and troll surge into battle, with the drudges charging where possible and the cave troll trying to grab the first creature it can to use as an improvised weapon. The bombardiers hold back, flinging cinderbombs.

Zhett is the first to move on the Troll and beating down the orc minions. As the rest of the group advances, Satul throws a cinder bomb at the monions and kills three. Startled, the troll begins furiously to grab any hero it can.

As Kaled and Torbera reach the room they each notice the altar shines brilliantly, as if Moradin was calling for you to purify his chamber.

Torbera and Ursala charge one of the cinder bomb throwing Orcs, Satul moves on the other, leaving Kriv, Zhett, and Kaled to fight the Troll. Zhett continues to make the troll miss as the troll grabs at him.

The heroes bring down the troll and Zhett lays his blade with fire into the troll on Torbera’s orders, insisting they must die by fire or acid. The heroes are pleased to find some healing potions and more gold.

They head off back on their way to the Nexus, when they notice some torches moving in the darkened quarters. Spotting two orc freaks moving around kaled and Torbera jump once again into action. As the heroes are attacking, more orc spill out of the rooms and are easily handed their death.

As Satul neared a doorway, a long arm grabbed him around his neck. Zhett notices and quickly teleports Satul into safety. Rushing to see, Zhett rips the door open to reveal a cavern choker. Zhett with Szorins blast finish the choker, while the others deal with the remaining Orcs.

As in unision, the heroes well aware of their real mission, all head to the Nexus now that there are no remaining intruders in this area.

They step into a massive chamber in which the ceiling rises 100 feet above you. At the center of the chamber is a pillar of solid steel that is screwed into the stone and that stand as tall as the ceiling. Two bronze and steel pipes emerge from the eastern walls and travel toward the steel column before vanishing into the stone. Rising around the outside of the room is a stone catwalk that connects to steel grating that wraps around the steel pillar like scaffolding. Dark tunnels pock the walls, leading to who knows where. The smell of sulfur is in the room.

Luckily there are no creature present in here. Kaled says "we must get to the top and seal off the remaining tunnels.  As they take in the vastness of this room, they contemplate their choices.  For now its up the stairs.

As they nearly reach the first Tunnel two orcs are surprised by the heroes as they come down the ladder. As they regroup, two more Orcs and two Orogs come out of the first tunnel. The Orcs are blocking the way and things begin to appear grim when Zhett bull rushes one of the Orogs off the ledge killing him. They make short work of the remining invaders, as they hear and see movement near the top.

Hearing one of the Orcs yell out, “Tusk they are down here” the heroes realize they must get to the top before Tusk can destroy the control panel. Throwing up ropes they begin to climb the ropes.

Szorin being the first one up, unfortunately catches Tusk’s attention. He takes a brutal beating and lies unconcious. As Zhett makes it up next he gets Tusks attention, while some bolt throwers and the Warlock Shadar-Kai have already started to make their way down the long walk.

Tusk yelling, “Myrissa get up here, they’re climbing up” As more Orcs begin to appear out of the various tunnels, they begin the long track down towards the heroes. The heroes begin to reach the top of the walk while Myrissa and Orc Bolt throwers must turn back. Zhett’s attacks against Tusk do nothing this Orog leader. Once Satul and Kiriv get up, the get Tusk’s attention. Satul manage to hit and slide the Tusk towards the ledge, allowing Kriv to bull rush Tusk and knock him down of the side.

Tusk lands with a thud, lets out a ear splitting growl, and orders everyone to to the top to stop the heroes.

Kaled begins with the controls, having a difficult time while the rest of the heroes begin to fight the onslaught. Kriv lets out a huge burst of Dragons breath killing 4 orc minions. Kaled lays his hands on Szorin just before he is to expire, bringing him back.

The heroes have the upper hand, even as more orcs keep vcoming out of the tunnels. Tusk running back up will give them the time they need to hold off the Orcs and Myrissa while Satul begins to assist Kaled. Kaled seeing Satul managing so well with the controls, moves into postion to protect Satul allowing him the time he needs.

Suddenly the first tunnel is sealed as Satul accomplishes his task. Hot boiling water begins to fill the room. Tusk and the remainig Orcs continue runing up the walk as the heros put down Myrissa and the bolt throwers, and the other orcs. Seeing the second and third tunnels sealed off, the heroes begin to make their way up the ladder and through the hatch at the top. With the last hero up and closing the hatch, the heros sealed the tunnels and flooded the Nexus.

They have delivered a deathblow to the orc hordes. With their leader dead and cut off from the tunnels, the orcs have no choice but to attack Bordrin’s Watch. The fighting is brutal, for even though the orcs have lost their advantage, they are still numerous and powerful. After five days of fighting, the defenders on the walls turn back the hordes, sending them back into the badlands once more. With the threat at an end, the surviving PCs are welcomed as heroes and given badges of distinction to recognize their courageous efforts and their parts in saving Overlook and Elsir Vale. During the ceremony, the adventurers are free to relax, drink, and enjoy some well-deserved downtime, but they can’t help but feel like they’re being watched.

After spending some time with the heroes, he decides its time to go back to the monstery and rebuild.  Giving Torbera the strange brass key found earlier, he mentions  they should investigate why  creatures from the Shadowfell were involved with the Orcs, and how the Orcs were able to get such good weapons.

Chapter 2

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